Compiler error

Hello everybody,

When I compile my shader program, I get this compiler error I cannot understand:

(0)error C0000: syntax error, unexpected $end at token “<invalid atom>”
(1)error C0501: type name expected at token “<invalid atom>”

Can anybody give me a clue for the reason of this error?

Thank you.

Sounds like your input string to the glShaderSource function has ended before the compiler could finish parsing.
Check the input string and length.
Check if you have a NULL character where it doesn’t belong.
Try a glGetShaderSourceARB to see if it returns the same as what you’ve wanted.
If you loaded the shader from a file, check the loader (read binary?).

Thank you Relic… my mistake…I put a // comment beside a line of code which was not terminate with with a newline character! :eek:

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