Color change when PC change!!!


I sorry but I don’t speak very good english!

I have a little problem… I have cylinders with different color! In my PC the color is just, but when I change the PC, cylinders is all in red! I use the red color for something else!

Somebody have an idee?

Thank you for your help!

Best regards

I guess it depends on the gfx card each machine is using… but it shouldn’t change colors. Unless it is driver bugs?

Boubou, does the other PC have an ATI Radeon card in it?

There was a bug in the 7.13 driver thread which was fixed in 7.15, where calling glColor* was only stored once, and never updated. Each object would be drawn in the first color that was declared.

If it is a Radeon card, update to the 7.15 driver. It’s fixed.


Before you try with different machines, make sure that they all have the same display mode, or at least, make sure no machine is running with 256 colors display mode. In this case you should write some special code to handle palettes.