Changing refresh rate and interlaced video mode

I tried to use the ChangeDisplaySettings function to set an interlaced video mode and change the refresh rate of my monitor in Windows.
I found that setting a value other than 0 (e.g. 60)for dmDisplayFrequency has no effect and when I add the DM_INTERLACED flag to dmDisplayFlags, I get a compiler error
undefined symbol . I included wingdi.h (which by the way is already included in windows.h) where the DEVMODE structure is declared.

Does anyone have an idea of how I can set the video mode to an interlaced one and choose the refresh rate programmatically ?
I’m trying to do that to display stereo images and animations in interlaced mode that must be seen with stereo glasses w/ LC shutters (I know how to build the hardware to synchronise the glasses with the video signal).
By the way, does someone know if recent video cards support interlaced modes and in which resolution ?