Catalyst 8.6

For once the release note isn’t pointless!

It speaks about “OpenGL Adaptive Anti-Aliasing Custom Filters support”. What is it actually? To each extension does it refer?

It’s just a setting in the control panel…

Yes, I have seen this a long time ago in the control panel on windows. I think that is a kind of anti aliasing optimisation that consists in not apply it on all frames.

And they’ve removed GL_ARB_half_float_pixel because some entrypoints still don’t accept GL_HALF_FLOAT_ARB (eg. glGetTexImage).

Huh? So we can’t load 16 bit fp texture images to a texture anymore with the latest driver?

The extension disappeared because it was not complete in Catalyst 8.5, to be correct I’ve reported a bug concerning this glGetTexImage causing GL_INVALID_VALUE but I think it should work the same way as the last driver release, e.g. you CAN load 16bit fp textures, you just CAN’T retrieve them (must use GL_FLOAT).

and you MUST ignore what the extension string says?
'kin ATI.

I know, it’s very unfortunate…