Can't find PFD_GENERIC_ACCELERATED pixelformat. Is it normal?

I’ve searched thru all pixelformats available on my system (NVidia, detonator) - no PFD_GENERIC_ACCELERATED pixelformat found. There are some PFD_GENERIC_FORMAT pixelformat, but nothing is “ACCELERATED”.

Does it mean that MCD (midi-client driver) are way old technology? If so the “PFD_GENERIC_ACCELERATED” explicitly means the software rendering?

PS: no error in finding the dwFlags, doublechecked that.

Yes, MCDs are very old. All vendors supply ICDs now.

As you may know,
GENERIC_FORMAT == MS software implementation

The only case I can think of where you could stumble on an MCD is on Voodoo platforms.

Now what you are looking for is a pixel format supported by an ICD : this ensures that your GL context will be created through your graphics card driver. You should be aware that you can still get software rendering even in that case (if you use a feature that is not supported by the hardware (eg the imaging subset)).

Thanks for the info.