Can I learn glsl on an old card that don't support OpenGL 2.0

I want to learn glsl, but I have an old card that even don’t support OpenGL 1.5.
Can I learn glsl on this card?

No, but you can still buy the book for 52$

Although for 25 bucks more, you can buy a video card that supports it.

If you’re on nvidia, then download NVEmulate from developer page. That’ll emulate everything in SW.

If NVemulate emulates everything in software then why would you need to have an nvidia card? Shouldn’t it run on any card?

Actually, the SW emulation happens in the driver itself, NVemulate is mainly a registry editing tool.

My geforce FX 5200 only cost me 60€ a month ago.

Tried NVemulate on a computer with S3 Savage… no GLSL. Tried it on a computer with a nvidia and it worked… very very slow. It was an old card with limited to no 3d accesseration.

NVEmulate only works with NVIDIA drivers.

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