Camera control for 2D-3D-2D transition

Dear All,

I am just curious how usually 2D-3D-2D transitions like what we can see on Apple OS such as “flipping” in iPhoto’09 are done. Basically we have a begin 2D QUAD and end 2D QUAD, we want a 3D plane transitions in between them.

I am just wondering if there is a general way to setup 3D camera’s properties so that the beging and ending 3D plane projections coincide with the specified 2D QUADs.

That is, knowing projections of a 3D size-known plane in screen space, how can we solve the 3D camera’s transition setting-ups ?

Any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

won’t lerping the 4x4 matrix do that? And a simple gluLookAt could do to create the two/three matrices needed.