Big troubles with Fragment Shader


I got this fragment shader:

varying vec2 texture_coordinate;
uniform sampler2D current_image;
uniform float u_pixel_size;
uniform float v_pixel_size;

Whis should be the Game Of Life FS.
The problems is I can’t init the two uniform variables “u_pixel_size” and “v_pixel_size”. When I try to do it the app tells me is ok (if I read back uniform values they are initialized with valuse I gave them). But in the execution the value assumed is 0.0.
I’m using multiple Off-Screen buffer to render.
Is that dependent of this?

I got an ATi 9800 Pro with latest drivers.
Really dunno what to cacth because if I hard-code the values for the uniform variables all the GLslang works fine.

What can I do?

Bye and many thnx, Emanem! :smiley:


I’ve solved my problems and discovered that uniform variable assignment is ‘Context-Bind’.

Hope my experience will be good for all…
Byez, Emanem! :smiley:

Ps. I use an ATi 9800 Pro.

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