ATI, MRT and shading language

Are multiple render targets supposed to be working with the shading language on Radeon by now? I know it wasn’t supported before, and I’m not having any luck getting it working now.

Radeon 9800, Catalyst 4.7.

If it’s still not supported, does anybody know when we can expect it?

There’s no extension for it as of yet. The ARB is pretty slow.

There is an extension for it:

I don’t know what level of support there is in the drivers, haven’t tried using it myself, but I quickly checked and writing to gl_FragData[0] instead of gl_FragColor works fine. Writing to gl_FragData[1] gives no output as expected.

Yes, I know about the extension, what I’m asking is if ATI are claiming to support it yet or if my failure to get it working is due to driver bugs or if it’s simply my fault.

ATI’s shading language compiler accepts gl_FragData[0] as equivalent to gl_FragColor, but enabling more than one draw buffer seems to disable rendering altogether (at least when using float pbuffers).

As mentioned, ATI previously stated that MRT was not yet supported together with the shading language. Is that still the official position or should I try to isloate the problem and file a bug report?

I was just told that it’s officially NOT supported at the moment.

Ok. Thanks for confirming it.

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