ATI helper tools for shaders

Hi , again
I’m ready to start with shaders

My graphics card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD and I looked a bit at their website on GPU deveopment tools. My first impression is - looks like they tools are more friendly with DirectX HLSL

I wonder how helpful it would be for me as a total beginner to install one of ATI shader debug tools(like PerfStudio)?
At this stage my main usage is going to be terrain pixel shading ,afterwards maybe some more not too complicated stuff (mostly dynamic outdoor scenes).


Render Monkey is a great tool to develop and prototype shaders.

They also have a GLSL compiler ‘Geeza’ to test shaders for conformance and it also outputs estimated ALU and Tex cycles of the shader too.


I will try RenderMonkey.

Regards “Geeza” - I cant find anything like this neither via Google or AMD website…

Try “gpu shader analyser”
This should be on AMD web site.

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