anyone can help me do windows xp 32-bits service pack 3 support OpenGL 2.1 and above?

I hope anyone answer me thans sorry I am new to this forum and any help is welcome so does it supports it or not? :wink:

I am pretty sure it comes from your video card and drivers only.

I already update drivers but it keep saying OPENGL version is obsoleted pls update your graphic card controller this messages comes when I try to playing using such android emulators like Memu… also I did use already Geeks 3D GPU Caps Viewer to find wich version of OPENGL My Pc have and it shows
GL_Version: 1.4.0 - Build
GL_RENDERER: Intel Bear Lake B
GLSL version: N/A

So i will really aprecciate the help :smiley: this was just keeping me frustrating Maybe I have no options but upgrade my windows to 7 and above.?

Regarding to this (, this card only support GL up to 1.4 what you already have. So updating your driver or Windows will not help you.

You then have few options:

  1. Use applications that do not require OpenGL above 1.4 (this is very rare now)
  2. Change your graphic card (or computer if this is a laptop)
  3. Try Mesa ( but I’m unsure how to configure it for your purpose