Activating GLSL extensions in ForceWare 56.53 & 56.54 drivers

It seems that there is a ‘problem’ in this forums as the previous thread (with its 15 posts) about this has disappeared… Maybe the problem is that the moderator is working or making favours to NVIDIA.

I repeat the previous text:

In WinXP, under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> NVidia Corporation -> Global
You have to create a new key called OpenGL
Under OpenGL create a new key called Debug
Under Debug create a DWORD value called ShaderObjects and set it to 1 if you want those extensions to be exposed.
Also, if you want that the driver creates a file with the assembly output you can create a DWORD value (under Debug) called WriteProgramObjectAssembly and set it to 1
I have discover those values myself so I don’t know if there are other posibilities.

The implementation is very buggy and lacks some basic features, like ftransform(), …

The implementation is very buggy and lacks some basic features, like ftransform(), …

Which, not incidentally, may be the reason you have to hack the registry in order to use it

I guess it’s my fault that it was erased … Sorry

Is there a way to get the assembly output of the glSlang compiler on ATI cards? It would be really helpfull to know why some shader don’t work correctly.

The idea of glslang is to compile to the native assembly, bypassing the extensions. As nvidia uses it’s united sahder compiler in the driver(which optimisations are very very impressive), it may have no difference if they compile it to NV_fp extensions. I don’t know if it is also true with ATI.
Anyway, my message doesn’t make any sence.
Maybe I’m simply drunk(enjoing the party with my friends ). Sorry for inconveniance.

Luckily yours Zengar

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