16x MSAA and Multiple render targets

Is there some sort of limitation on the number of samples used in MSAA when using mutiple render targets? I have been using 16 samples up until now everything has been working fine. I added an extra render target that contains my normals and depth information and got that working also. But when i turn the multisampling on my app crashes and i get an nvidia opengl driver error:

The NVIDIA OpenGL driver detected a problem with the display driver and is unable to continue. The application must close.

If i drop the number of samples to 8 or if i render to a single target i don’t have this problem. i’ve tried using multisampling with both


and also glTexImage2DMultisample

and get the same error on all three, opengl reports that the fbos are complete and without errors.

after 6 hours of testing and debugging i finally fixed it. Guess what? Frigging driver issues! I was using the nvidia developer drivers because i found a bug using texture buffers under the regular drivers. installed the latest drivers, problem solved.