zooming 2D text (X11 and W32)

I wonder how far I can zoom my 2D texts (or make them bigger or smaller) made from glXUseXFont (similar I guess from the wgl font stuff). It creates display lists internally.

I’ve had quick looks about it, and found only PixelZoom, but it seems it’s not what I was looking for.

Mainly, I’d like to avoid loading many fonts that are changing with their size only. So one font load, and later some ‘scalings’ on it so that I can have different sizes.

How far that’s possible ? And how to do that ?

Well, I recently messed around with some textured fonts code. glScale, glRotate and glTranslate all work as you’d expect with this. Did you try these?

I use RasterPos to place them.
I’ve tried scaling but it moves them instead of what I’m expecting.

I don’t think raster pos should have anything to with this type of producing text. Take a look at my post, a few posts back .
Hmm, having another look at my post I see that I use wglUseFontOutlines. Maybe that is the difference?

I definitely have to use RasterPos. So maybe glx fonts and wgl fonts are different stuffs. I thought they were almost the same, but it seems not.

Any normal transformations have simply no effect at all or bad effects with what I’m doing.

There’s a difference between bitmap and outline fonts. I’ve used bitmaps with glut before which was similar with what you describe (glRasterPos). Try to see how you could use outline fonts.

ok, thanks, I already noticed that there are other ways to do fonts. I can do texture fonts, they seem the best. But actually there’s no plan for that.

So, nothing else for that ? Isn’t that possible ?