zoom the .tiff image ?


sorry for posting again.actually i have posted the question in opengl for advanc forum.

i have loaded a .tiff image(map) using opengl.

i want to zoom the selected part of this image and display the zoom image.

the selection should be done through mouse .

i m collecting the coordinates of a rectangle(selected area thru mouse) and trying to zoom the pixels.but i m not getting the zoom image displayed.i m able to collect the rectangle coordinates but pixels are not getting zoomed.

can any body tell how to zoom the image using opengl?

which function shall i use ?
can any body tell the solution.

thanx in advance.

How do you display your image? If you use glDrawPixels, then you could try using textures and draw a textured quad instead. In that case zooming is easy - you just render the same quad with different texture coordinates at corners that specify fragment of texture to display.

Visit nehe.gamedev.net and look for some texturing tutorial there.

i m drawing the image using glDrawPixels. this is my code

TIFF *tif;
char emsg[1024];
int i;

tif = TIFFOpen("vancouver.tif", "r");

if (TIFFRGBAImageBegin(&img, tif, 0, emsg)) {

	npixels = img.width * img.height;

	raster = (uint32 *) _TIFFmalloc(npixels * sizeof(uint32));
	if (raster != NULL) {
  	if (TIFFRGBAImageGet(&img, raster, img.width, img.height) == 0) {
    TIFFError(filename, emsg);

} else {
TIFFError(filename, emsg);
// exit(1);
glPixelStorei(GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT, 1);


glDrawPixels(imgwidth, imgheight,hasABGR ? GL_ABGR_EXT : GL_RGBA, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE,raster);

and zoom code is using glPixelZoom and glCopyPixel .


glRasterPos2i (0,0);
glPixelZoom (1.0,1.0);
glCopyPixels ( mousex - 8,mousey -8 , 16,16, GL_COLOR);

i m using linux fedora core 4, gcc compiler.
can give example or some sample code using textures and how to draw texture quad.

Well, I never used glDrawPixels since it’s too slow (need to pass entire bitmap to the GPU every time you draw), so I have very limited knowledge here. Perhaps you should try calling glDrawPixels again instead of glCopyPixels?