zoom Mouse cursor

Hi !
I would like zoom on the Mouse cursor ???

thanks you for your answer !!!

Hello Couet.
This is the most terse question I have seen on the forum. LIke can you give any details …

Sorry !!
i use glOrtho. I produce already the traditional zoom

   glOrtho(-Fscaler, Fscaler, -Fscaler/ClientWidth*ClientHeight, Fscaler/ClientWidth*ClientHeight, -Fscaler, 10);

but I would like zoom on the mouse cursor.
where I zoom with my cursor, I does not want that its becomes the center of the screen.
I wants that where I zoom that remain its place

I hope to have been clearly.


I don’t know if that works, but starting from what you’re doing, here is how I would have done it:

glOrtho (mouse_x-Fscaler, mouse_x+Fscaler, mouse_y -Fscaler/ClientWidthClientHeight, mouse_x+Fscaler/ClientWidthClientHeight, -Fscaler, 10);

However, I’m not really sure about the result…

It is very funny but its fact not what I wants
I you council to try to see !!

thanks for your help !!

glOrtho (-(FMousePos.x-512)-Fscaler, (FMousePos.x-512)+Fscaler, -(FMousePos.y-350) -Fscaler/ClientWidth*ClientHeight,(FMousePos.y-350)+Fscaler/ClientWidth*ClientHeight, -Fscaler, 10);
 glOrtho (-(FMousePos.y-350)-Fscaler, (FMousePos.y-350)+Fscaler, -(FMousePos.y-350) -Fscaler/ClientWidth*ClientHeight,(FMousePos.y-350)+Fscaler/ClientWidth*ClientHeight, -Fscaler, 10);