Z-Axis blocking my Graph Line/Data

Hey guys…

I can’t figure out why this is happening, but whenever I put up the QUADS/PLANES for the 3d-like walls, they “cover” or block out the data line…
I’m stuck :confused:

i45 dot tinypic dot com/2h7o0lk.png

It’s giving me problems with attaching images/urls…

There is the result.

Thanks in advance

Do you have depth buffering enabled? Enable it thusly in your initialization section:


And be sure you clear both the color buffer and the depth buffer in your render routine, or only the first render will be correct:


Depth buffering causes fragments with a lower depth buffer value to be “in front” of other fragments with higher depth buffer values, when using the GL_LESS depth buffering function.

Thanks for the quick response.

I have ensured that those bits of code are in the program.

This is the result…

The bottom view is okay, but not from the top.

i47 dot tinypic dot com/rkyog3.png