Yet another Texture Problem.


I’v got a little problem with my textures.

I load everything in fine, bind a texture to my object and run my program. The texture appears on the object for a split seccond - then the object is engulfed in white.

Any Ideas?

FFS Man, use the grey stuff you got inside your skull…

I’m sorry if my question offends you, but this form is ‘OpenGL for beginners’ - and although I’m not an idiot, I happen to be a beginner at OpenGL.

If this is going to be your attitude toward beginners asking questions, I suggest you take your superior intellect elsewhere.

Are you disabling the texture in your draw GL function ?

If yes, remove it otherwise, post your draw GL function.

I just managed to figure out what I was doing wrong. I wasn’t binding my texture correctly to the identifier on creation of the texture.

Thanks anyway though

Doesnt it feel better to have discouvered the bug by yourself?!

(Next time put some code where you think the error is… we cant guess what is wrong with your code with just a brief explanation of the problem… so dont be mad at me, I love you to )

Yeah, it does feel much better