XtoOgx - Microsoft .X 3D format to OpenGL source converter

X to Ogx eases the hard task of hardcoding programs to display 3D models. It creates a header file with the necessary function to display the model in a OpenGL Window. It is based on the function glNewList and glCallList. It also detects the Radius of the model and the Centre of Origin for the model. The Download also includes a Sample X file displayed with the use of X to Ogx. This is my Master Piece when 3D programming is concerned

Release 0.6

  • Project Name Changed to X to OGX
  • Faster binary version of glx file format version with the support of header file generation to Initialize it.
  • All the output modes supported in the previous versions
  • Placing Model at Origin
  • Support to Scale Model.
  • Inclusion of Normals.

Please send your comments and suggestions.

Visit e.domaindlx.com/svenkatesh
for download.

Thank you.

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