xrBeginSession Access violation error

Hi all,

I am trying to run the remote_openxr code from the link:

I am running the program with hololens 2 connected with USB and receiving content using holographic remoting app 2.9.3. On running the program hololens shows receiving sign but the program crashes with access violation error in xrBeginSession. The handle doesn’t seem to be a nullptr. Does someone know how to solve this issue. Attached is the picture of error.

Thank you.

Found the Bug: Posting here so it might be useful to someone else

The issue was with the OpenXR Toolkit 1.3.2. The issue seem to be arising from XR_APILAYER_MBUCCHIA_toolkit.dll found in the installed location of openXR toolkit. I just un-installed/disabled the toolkit and the example runs fine on the hololens 2. I cannot use openXR toolkit at the moment but I hope the dev’s will fix this issue in the future releases.

This issue is already fixed on GitHub, however I currently have no plans to publish a new release (but you can try building it yourself):

Thanks! I will try the github version