I am trying to use XR_FB_passthrough extension on Quest 3 tethered to PC.

Here (OpenXR Runtime Extension Support Report) it claims this is supported on “Meta (PC) Developer Mode”, but when I print supported extensions on application startup I don’t see this extension supported.

What are possible reasons for this? Could it be the OpenXR loader being old? Or the runtime? Or is does Meta (PC) Developer Mode mean something else?

Enabling the developer mode can be confusing.

Have you created a developer account?

In the Oculus PC app, in Settings → Beta, have you enabled both “Developer Runtime Features” and “Passthrough over Oculus Link”?

I do have a developer account and have enabled developer mode. In the beta menu I only see Restart Oculus, Public Test Channel and Demo Mode options.

Nevermind, after a Restart Oculus, the new Beta options showed up and now I see 60 extensions, including XR_FB_passthrough. Thanks!


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