XR_FB_passthrough implementation

Just wondering but how is XR_FB_passthrough implemented? Are the APIs implemented by the Oculus headset drivers themselves?

Yes, presumably it’s implemented in their compositor.

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Thank you for the confirmation.

I would like to composite the Oculus passthrough feed with my C++ application. I am currently only using Steam’s OpenVR and the Oculus SDK. I am not not using OpenXR. Would it still be possible to access instances like XR_FB_passthrough without using OpenXR to access the passthrough layer or are these specific to OpenXR?

No, it is not possible to use an OpenXR extension with deprecated vendor-specific APIs. They only make sense in the context of the overall OpenXR specification.

Furthermore, I’m not sure whether Meta exposes any pass-through functionality through their PC runtimes at all, even if you were using OpenXR.

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