Xj3D M10

Xj3D.org is proud to announce the M10 release of Xj3D. This release features installers for Windows, Linux and MacOS X platforms.
In addition the following X3D components have been implemented: CADGeometry, DIS, GeoSpatial, H-Anim. New custom extensions
for Xj3D include: Rigid Body Physics, Particle Systems, Clipping planes, Picking Utilities, Abstract Device IO. New profiles
include the CADInterchange profile. This release will be the last milestone release before 1.0 is achieved. Please visit www.xj3d.org
for further details on Xj3D.

Xj3D is a toolkit for adding X3D and VRML rendering capabilities to your Java application.

You can download Xj3D from here: