Xfree 4.0 graphics performance

Is there any web-site with comparisons between Win32 and Xfree 4.0 graphics performance using the same graphics hardware?

Never heard about any for this.

All I can say, is that on my TNT2, I get about 40fps under Linux vs 27fps under windows in q3dm17.bsp in Quake III (with more graphic quality under linux =)).

I use the Nvidia’s binary drivers 9-5

Yes, do a search and you’ll find some

(try tomshardware)


I can’t rember the site that did this, but I do rember reading exactly that when Nvidia released there X4.0 drivers that compared Q3 and UT in win and X4.0, Linux did a bit better on most of the tests but it was really close. look at the back atricals on slashdot from … hmmm around Dec 2000 you should find it I think that it was some gameing site that ran the test. oh hope that helps.


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