xforms vs fltk

School starts in a week. I thought they were going to be using fltk as their gui builder, so I got it all set up on my iBook. Now I find out they’re going with xForms!

I there a way for me to use xForms under OSX or is there a way to compile my openGL files under X using the openGL libs and headers I already have? I don’t really want to do a second openGL install under X. Hopefully someone has already dealt with this and steer me in the right direction.


What’s xForms?

It’s a gui interface builder similar to fltk as I understand. Lots of widget and window controls so you can concentrate on writing the opengl stuff and not spend too much time on the gui to show off what you are doing.

The only xForms I can find on the web are XForms, which are “the next generation of web forms”. Somehow it seems unlikely that this is what you mean. Do you have a link?


looks like a nice, portable X11 library. The site says that Mac OS X binaries are available. Download X11 from Apple (macOS Ventura - Apple) and see if you can get the precompiled xForms binaries to work (on your own there, or follow your school’s instructions, or whatever comes with xForms).

You may also need the Apple X11 SDK (same place you downloaded the main distribution from, at the bottom right of the download page).

If you can’t make the precompiled binaries work, you may need to compile xForms from source. The xForms source distribution contains pretty clear instructions on how to do it if you’re at all familiar with the terminal.

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