X1800 Floating Point Blending (and other features)


After messing around for some time, and subsequently finding this post , it seems that floating point blending is currently broken in GL on the new ATI cards. Does anyone know anything about this? Most importantly, if there’s an ETA for getting it working?

On the list of fun X1800 features that are currently broken in GL comes multisampled floating point render targets, and to some extent shader control flow. For the latter I’ve not gotten around to trying it in GLSL (can anyone confirm or deny whether it works right now?), but are there any plans to support the NV extensions (NV_fragment_program2) for control flow? If not, are there any plans for a similar ATI extension?

I have the 6.1 drivers, but it seems that many of the new features that I bought this card to play around with are currently broken in GL :frowning:

Any information about current or planned support would be greatly appreciated so that I consider options (i.e. wait, or give up and switch to DirectX).

Floating point blending has been implemented already and should be making its way through the pipeline. I don’t think it will make it into Cat 6.2 though.

Dynamic branching has been fully implemented from start and should work fine. That’s in GLSL. There are no plans to extend any legacy assembly interfaces.

Right on, thanks for the update. I can hold out for a few driver updates then :slight_smile:

I’m not personally much of a fan of GLSL, but since Sh (libsh.org) has a backend for it, I’m assuming that control flow will “just work” then.

Thanks again for the info.