*.x - files reading - please help!

I want to read a *.x file. My target is to extract the vertices and triangles with texturecoords and so on. I dont need animations.

Please! I need a good description of the fileformat or the c++ code.

thanks for your help!

Doesn’t the DirectX SDK come with a description of that format? If not you might be able to find it at http://www.wotsit.org, or maybe somewhere in the MSDN web site.

I’m sure the is good code on the net. But I can’t find some! To read the whole description and write my own I have not enoth time. Please, is there a URL with this code?


Theres a little app called 3D Explorer which can read .X files. And output the file in various other formats, including OpenGL C code!

A most handy utility!


Thanks…but I can’t find such a program with source. Do anybody has an URL or another tip?