A great collection of high quality 3D cars models includes one model for free on http://www.3dworldclub.com

bah… I want textured models damnit! OR better yet give me my own artist!

ot post so please feel free to ignore
but ive been looking for lowpoly spacecraft models for ages + cant find any www.swma.net used to have heaps but theyve gone offline temporary (like the last 2 months) www.3dcafe.com have not much.
so my question is does anyone know of a site similar to www.swma.net thats alive?

3D Explorer had a search engine for this.

My database gives me this
http://www.dsif.fee.unicamp.br/~vitor_d/intro3.htm http://avalon.viewpoint.com/ http://www.dd3d.de/

thnks V-man www.dd3d.de seems to have a few