Wrapping modes for array textures

Is it possible to use GL_REPEAT for array textures in all directions ( width height depth) just like we use for GL_TEXTURE_2D to repeat the texture when tex cords exceeds 0-1? Which wrapping modes are used for array textures, both for 1-D and 2D array?

Array textures are 1D or 2D textures that have more than one 1D or 2D image stored in a single mipmap layer. That is how they function. The images in an array layer are all completely separate, as if they’re not part of the same texture. They just so happen to all be bundled together.

So no, there is no wrapping of the array layer texture coordinate. A 1D array texture works just like a 1D texture, outside of how you upload image data to it and how many texture coordinates it takes to access it.

Thank you so much…!!