WOW!!! Source released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have u ever heard of that Truevision engine? using dx8? well, it seems they released their source! i think its the latest version.

Wow, a link to engine in DX8 that’s broken. Nice of you to share it with the openGL community…

I think it’s a VB library too!

Wouldn’t know, the link doesn’t work… nice.

well anyone who has spent time on this magical unicorn called the internet will know, you cannot access links posted from Geocities. There is a way around it, but since you Rob like to be a condecending ass I won’t bother posting it. Thanks for ruining for someone that might be interested.

ok, regardless of the fact that geocities sucks, this is spam. its for a dx8 engine, in a openGL forum. nobody should have even responded to it.

and not everybody knows that you have to cut and paste the url into the browser to get to a geocities site. you shouldnt assume that what you know, everybody else knows…