World first? Parallax Mixing!



Only done with GLSL Parallax code.

World first?

Checked google and nothing comes up. :slight_smile:

First for proper portals and now Parallax mixing.

Catch up now folks!

To prove I’m not faking it:

What have I done! :smiley:

Flying my engine is a little bit freaky.

Now imagine this with animated textures and be like a horror movie!

Speed is now beyond Pre-calculated levels! Going to have more detail than a hollywood movie! :smiley: God knows what future movies are going to be like?

Good advert for my engine… If can make 2 triangles look like a million, wow!

Edit: the second and third image looks like standard parallax mapping, I was getting carried away in the monent. But the first looks good!

I’m off so ill show some more tomorrow.

I doubt ill give away it’s secret, even mr parallax has not done this and I doubt your work it out. lol

My portals engine looks good but having worlds within worlds and many of them will slow down the framerate. But now with parallax mixing much more will be possible. :smiley:

I think I have just made Vulkan obsolete, yes it may be quicker but just like writing a game in assembly launguage, yes it can be done but your probably be cashing your pension before it is complete.

I think I have just about wiped out the graphics card industry, in about 5 years time there will be no point in buying a faster card as your be able to maniplulate every pixel in 3D space so your graphics card will last 10 years before it breaks down and need to buy a new one. Sorry openGL, did not mean to. :smiley:

Anyway ill give out a little invension of mine, it’s called surround TV.
1 Get a projector.
2 Spin it around 25 to 50 times a second
3. Spin the image it produces around the other way at exactly the same speed as the projector is spinning.
Success surround TV!

I have also invented a way of 3D TV without the silly glasses but that’s a secret.

Had an error in my code, now the parallax mixing is correct.:

Add in texture color mixing/selection and should be great.

: With different scaling:

Heres an involved picture of my engine with parallax mixing, the zeros are just there for my next stage which is mixing texture coloring. Then will look more involved.

It’s fast, see no reduced framerate. Runs great on my NVidia GTX 1050.

Looks like some strange space station.

As you can see parallax mixing is a great addition to computer graphics.

Add in self shadowing parallax mapping and wow!

To be honist I’m quite chuffed, this is my first engine and my portals and this pushes me ahead of the industry. No idea where ill be in 6 months time…
Have experience in music software development and 2D GUI windows systems, but getting older and losing interest in music a bit. This is a good new hobby!
Portals is a bit simular to 2D windows, panels within panels but portals is MUCH more involved, spent 2 months on the portals full time.

Just had the idea of creating footsteps in snow, just add a footmark to the texture and update, even start punching walls too. And body armour. Give the enemy a right kicking. And vehicles and the walls they crash in to., Bullet holes, probably about everything… Just add in bullet physics and be amasing…
Snow flakes(particle systems) that fall to the ground and build up into snow, follow the enemys footsteps. Rain too producing puddles and floods, and sand storms.
Getting carried away here… True enviromental systems! Fast on the processor and easy to impliment. Todays processors and memory is fine.
Getting ahead of hollywood now… What have I done?

With my portals one world could be cold with snow and the world inside the portal could be hot melting the now both in and out.
Wind blowing, rain, everything in and out the portals.

Rain splashing.

I can’t believe this…

Got a great name for my engine too… Just got to buy the domain name soon.

PS. a 1024 by 1024 32 bit texture is 103,079,215,104 worth of enviroments memory! That’s that many snowflakes! Amasing.
Have games that change with the seasons… Snow builds up, rain melts it.

Now, I probably can’t do all this by myself… so ill soon start looking for people to join me…
My portals is just about complete and is fairly seperate from the renderer, I have Portal’s manager, scenes’s manager, render stage manager and render stages.

Can someone tell me if I have created something new and useful? I don’t see any info on google or google images too.
All i ever see is the same boring walls of repeated bricks , atleast mine has variation.
I would’nt call it technacally advanced or even difficult to achieve but have never seen it.

I’m only mixing with 2 parallax mappings but think I need 3, large, medium and fine.

You know, just had a bad day with, people giving me hastle for I claming parallax mixing, may be i’m the first, may be i’m not but the way they treat you is like their children wearing superman outfits.
Saying I claiming mixing textures real time using a compushader is a joke and that’s not how I’m doing it. Doing it purely with GLSL Parallax coding.
Also saying I’m not the first for portals with light both in and out the portal, showing me this:

So I draw in some lines asking where is the yellow light coming from? behind the wall?!

I’ts fake spectrum coloring. And poorly done at that. Even the shadow in the portal does not match the lighting coming out of it.
People man…

Also showing me this:

I explain theres no lighting going in or out , it’s just carefully adjusted lighting so can’t see that it’s not, or if there is they are faking it by adding lights to the portal. The shadow of the character going thru the portal is simply rendered both sides of the portal. It takes multiple render passes to achieve. Mine is only once.
My portals is different technology and can’t be advanced any more than it is, it does everything, Lighting thru multiple portals, shadows and models too. How can you advance it?

The moderators giving advice like we need our hands held. Should be called Makes you feel like not releasing an engine due to the hastle of peoples attitudes. I need a break from this and do something fun.

My enviromental weather system creating snow will not work due to parallax mapping having no real height, thought of adding terrain height maps though. May work. Was only an idea I got carried away with the moment, though would be very cool, real art.

People please understand why I’m not giving out the code for this parallax mixing as get put off by some idiots on forums and don’t want them making money off my efforts, but then I doubt their capable of releasing anything too so will see, though I don’t want to make their lives easier.
This is why some tech subjects you wil find it hard getting code examples, to keep it from children wearing superman outfits.

Parallax mixing is not a good name to give it but if I give out a proper name makes it all too easy.
I don’t mind showing that it’s possible though as some people are clever and put in effort with their engines and software.
This is my first engine am I’m enjoying the eurika monents and also enjoying using what clever people give out. So if you have anything that you think would go well with my engine then give me a PM. :smiley: