I made an animation with opengl and it was running very smoothly under win98 on the same computer i had run my animation on winxp and i find the animation very slow .what is happening ?.i donot know .please help me if you could

The first thing that pops into my mind is maybe your video card drivers aren’t being properly loaded in WinXP, so you’re running in software mode.

Try looking at the GL_VENDOR and GL_RENDERER strings with glGetString, if they’re “Microsoft GDI Generic” then you’re running in software.

In most case, OpenGL is faster in WINXP then win98. So, the only reason can be that, you have to install latest driver for your WinXP.

Another thing can be happened, If you have too little memory to run windows Xp.

Thnk you.

I had the exact same problem. I had an Nvidia GeForce2 MX 200 PCI card. It was working awesome on win98 and then when i witched to XP, a bunch of cubes slowed my computer down!!!

Well here are possible solutions:

  1. Download the latest drivers from Nvidia’s website for your specific video card. I think there was a driver problem because one of the optional window’s update items was a brand new set of drivers for nvidia cards. Get em here:

  2. Look at 1 . I’m pretty sure that should do it for you…getting new drivers

Everything runs nice & smooth on my XP pro

Well my problem was most likely there because i had drivers for my GeForce that were meant for Win98 and when i upgraded to WinXP (got it the weekend it came out), i didn’t have the right set of drivers.

You should allways avoid using old drivers under XP, if you haven’t special ones use natives.

Yeah there are SOOO many threads in the users forum about how their games don’t work now that they’ve gotten WinXP. And most of them work the second they get new drivers for their video cards. I mean each thread has like 100+ posts. And it seems like NO one ever reads the other threads about the same thing, because people find solutions to the problem and well next week another thread is started about the SAME problem. SO many of their problems are just answered by “Get new drivers.”

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