Windows7 + Intel card = no opengl?! Please check..


I wrote a program (a big one) an I’m using OpenGL to render the interface. I tested it on windows 7 and it seems that Intel drivers for my card X3100 (GMA 965) don’t support opengl! Can you please test this if you have this card (or some other Intel one)?

Here’s what happens if I run any opengl program, for example this one:

  • when aero (DWM) is on everything renders correctly (suppose that’s because Windows is using some DirectX wrapper for OpenGL).
  • When aero is off, I get no picture at all, just a frozen window and no error is reported (I’m using using the latest official intel driver)
  • when I use standard VGA driver it displays correctly (but of course painfuly slow).

Can you please check so that we can report it to Intel if it’s not just me…



I don’t own an Intel card, but if you have proper drivers installed, you should be able to change OpenGL related settings on the configuration panel.

If that is not the case, then you need to make sure the drivers are properly available.

According to Wikipedia, you should at least have OpenGL 1.4 support