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I use OpenGL library in industrial robotics. Our robots have Windows XP embedded OS and the OpenGL libraries are not installed (there is not the Opengl32.dll in system32 folder). How can I install the libraries, if I try only to copy the dll and try to register it with regsvr32 it doesn’t work

Daniele Pillan
CMA Robotics spa

Use Linux in your robots… (only half-joking)

OpenGL need to run on 3D hardware to have any interest. It can stil “work” without, but performance may be too slow to be usable. It is a win if your robot motherboard can support a 3D accelerator, and if you have the 3D drivers, and if you have the correct WinXP embedded version :

We have to use Windows XP because our hardware provider sell their pc with Windows and we develop all the user interface with microsoft visual studio.

Anyway our motherboards are the same as a laptop, Intel Atom or Core 2 duo processors. I think that it’s ok for my applications.

Your link was very usefull, It seems that our XP is not configured correctly to use OpenGL, we must insert the Multimedia Application Compatibility.

Thank you

Daniele Pillan

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