Windows opening everywhere. :/

HI. I installed the latest NVidia drivers for my TNT2 on Mandrake 9, with GLUT and everything. (the version that came with Mandrake 9.1 RC2) And it works flawlessly, except for one small annoyance. Everytime an app goes to use OpenGL, like an X screensaver in the screensaver config screen, a new window pops up, and the graphics run in that window only. The window can be resized, and i can see the graphics running great there, but the window in the config dialog is blank.
Likewise, when the screensaver is previewed, the screen goes blank until the screensaver is closed. I’m thinking it’s a config thing, but i read through the readme files and haven’t been able to find anything pertaining to this, maybe i’m just not looking hard enough though.
Any help would be appreciated!

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