Windows OpenGL incompatabilities

Developing an MDI application (MFC based) with several child windows utilizing open gl at the same time, we have come across a lot of difficulties where on various machines (with only average video cards) have weird behavior.


  • The scene is only rendered correctly in one window, the others are just filled with the background and any 2D text we stuck on.

  • The application crashes

  • Redraw issues to do with the cursor over the window

There are tonnes of others. This has been tried on all flavors of windows, with the latest service packs, etc.

Any ideas would be appreciated! Especially if anyone is aware of particular areas of open gl which are notable for buggy implementations.

I’ve being developing an MDI MFC app using OpenGL. The problem I had initially was not making the rendering context current in each of the child windows, when needed, such as in the OnDraw for each CView derived class. This created some strange behaviour.
Any more feedback on this topic would be welcome, since I’m pretty new to both MDI and OpenGL.

I have also had problems with multiple windows. I have got my application working fine on my pc, but when I move it to another, I get some of the same symptoms mentioned above. The only thing I can think of is that I am using a NVidia geforce2 and the other computer has an ATI Rage.