Windows on OpenGL panels are freezing

i have created a program in MS VS 2013 with VC++ and windows forms (openGL included in panels).

On one tested system (win7 x64, intel hd 4000), i have a strange problem:

When i drag some other windows over those openGL panels, they’re freezing in the openGL panel.
Only when i update the panel with my scene the “frozen” ones will disapper.

I have updated all drivers, but the problem is still there. On all the other systems the porgram runs correctly.

Thanks for your help.


have the same problem since Win 7 (VS2010/C# + WinForms) on NVIDIA Quadro cards (though I didn’t test it with other cards).

When a menu (or tooltip) (partially) covers the OpenGL control only that region is redraw after the menu is gone. A simple Control.Invalidate(); doesn’t help. A Control.Refresh(); is needed to regain that complete control’s region.

Since my App is mouse driven, I added a Refresh in the MouseEnter event of the control.

Maybe it is possible to set some control/window styles to fix this issue otherwise, but I haven’t found that yet.

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