Windows Mode OpenGL

Ok… I’m pretty sure this isn’t an opengl question as much as just a windows question, but I’m goina ask anyway. I have my opengl stuff all ready and I want to use it in windows mode instead of full screen, so I want a file menu and all that nice stuff, therefore I made a .rc file. And I have my menu and my dialog box and what not. So how do I make it so when it starts up it uses my dialog box, cause right now it just uses the main windows thing, but it does show the menu. I think it has to do with these lines, but I dunno how to change them… if my dialog box is called “IDR_MENU1”. Here’s the code I think needs changing



Any help would be much appreciated

try this possibly:


You can set the menu bar by inserting the bold call into your window class code.


wc.lpszMenuName = MAKEINTRESOURCE(…);


Displaying a dialog box instead of a window when the application starts is more complicated. I suggest you to read a book on windows programming.


If you want a windowed OgenGL with all the the typical windows goodies you might consider MFC if you have a VC++ compiler.

And if you haven’t ruled out MFC, you might take a look at

to get you started.