Windows ME and OpenGL

there’s an update for opengl drivers on the, but it is for win95. does anybody know where to get updates for winME, or atleast win98. also, those updates donot confirm to opengl 1.2 specification. so, does anybody know where the latest ones can be found.

You can’t get openGL 1.2. MS only supports 1.1. Maybe Nvidia will have to work on their own openGL32.dll However, since Nvidia does support some features of 1.2, you can you the vendor specific calls using EXT_… calls.

I really doubt MS will update opengl32.dll/lib. They don’t want to add multi-mon support (among other things), and rather have people use DX8 now.

The reason the updates are for Win95 is because Win95 didn’t originally come with OpenGL. Win98/Me, do and it’s basically the same one available for download so there wouldn’t be any point to putting up some for 98/Me.