Windows Interface

I build ecological agent-based spatially-explicit simulations in C++. What I am looking for is a good way (better then windows) of creating a user display/interface. I do want the app to run on 2000/XP (that’s what most of my isers will have.) Specificlly, the ability to display parameter values real time, interactively change parameter values, display pixel based 2-D maps, display bar graphs real time, and real time line graphs. Is OpenGL useful for this type of app and what would be a good resourse for building it. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

OpenGL should work fine for building the graphical displays. Keep in mind that OpenGL does not have any GUI support. You would need to provide this yourself (e.g. with wxWindows or MFC or Win32 or …).

For a more sophisticated solution might look at GL Studio at We use it to represent cockpit displays, etc. This may be more of a heavy solution than what you are looking for.

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