Windows and Implicit Layers: How to use JSON one-time for environment?

Noob here!

I’m compiling a DLL for use within Windows for Vulkan as an Implicit Layer. So far everytime I’ve wanted to see it in action I had to put it in the registry, in HKLM\Software\Khronos\Vulkan\ImplicitLayers and add a DWORD with the path to the JSON there.

But that makes it persist in the Windows environment. I’d like a one-and-done setup for running, where I could set an environment variable to add it as an implicit layer in a batch script, run the Vulkan application to be tested, and the variable is gone with the application environment without modifying windows.

I’ve been looking around and seeing all sorts of variables as VK_LAYERS but I’ve honestly not been able to figure it out. Just adding a path to the JSON file(like set VKLAYERS=C:\Path\layer.json) doesn’t work and I’m sure I’m misusing the variables.

Please, what environment variable(s) do I need to change in order to register the implicit layer? Thank you.

There is the SDK documentation on configuring layers. I believe it explains your options for activating layers.

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