Windows 2003 server x64 + NVIDIA - no OpenGL?

My roommate bought GeForce 8800GTS 640MB yesterday. First he had to go back to store because there was 320MB version in the box and now he’s having a bad time installing drivers.

He had 7600GT before and it runned fine, but latest drivers (including beta drivers) seem to have no support for OpenGL under 64-bit Windows 2003 server.

That means he can get only DirectX 9 to work on DX10/OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics card. Anyone can confirm that OpenGL is not supported in latest NVIDIA drivers for that system?

Note that it’s 64-bit version I’m taking about.

Simplest root cause would be:
Server OSes normally have the hardware acceleration slider in
Display Control Properties -> Advanced -> Troubleshoot tab -> Hardware acceleration
NOT set to Full.
You must set it to Full to get OpenGL hardware acceleration.

If that’s not it make sure you cleanly deinstalled the graphics drivers before installing a new one.

DX9 is running just fine, so acceleration must be enabled. This system was running 7600GT before with no problems. After replacing GPU with 8800GTS and updating drivers, OpenGL support simply dissapeared, but DX9 is still working fine.

Both latest WHQL and beta drivers have the same problem. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Microsoft dropped OpenGL support for Windows 2003 Server x64.

Anyway, I’ll tell my roommate to check that slider setting just to make sure.

It says specifically that GL 2.1 is supported :

So it is more likely a driver install (uninstall) problem.

How do you know OpenGL does not work ? Is it a game complaining, your code is slow … ?

Here, the “remember reading” clarified :
In short, no out-of-the box software-GL support, you really need an accelerated driver.

I found this, about “Windows on windows 64” (dunno if it is your case) :

Thanks ZbuffeR - all applications we tried to run were 32-bit. I think that will be the problem.

All of them could only find pixelformats with GDI_GENERIC flag set.

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