Window Integration

I am doing a port of Gizmo3D to Mac OS X and I am looking for information about integration of OpenGL Windows with sub windows. E.g. I want to do a sub region of a window to have an OpenGL view. I also want this region to be obscured by other windows but still be refreshed without interference with obscuring window.

Now the problems I have seen is that OpenGL overwrites windows and menues when doing refresh. I have also seen that the opengl rect part doesn move along the window becuse of missing events about refreshs etc.

I also want to receive keybord input , mouse moves etc.

Is there any info about windows, sub windows, opengl in windows etc. that i can use to update my Mac OS X brain part with… Please …

Not much help here :frowning:

OpenGL drawing over menus is a problem with CarbonLib on 9, you shouldn’t see it in X.

This subject was covered in-depth on Apple’s mac-games-dev list (; you should be able to find the answers in the Archives.

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