hi folks,

this is my first time posting here, but I’ve been reading your on going discusions with much interest recently. Pleased to intoduce myself.

My question is only slightly above the beginners level I think, but I’m going to go with it anyway:

I’m well into writing a world, and it has been going okay… the program works prefectly when I use glut functions.
However now I am trying to port the same code to win32, and basically the program works fine, except I can now see some platforms straight through the walls and ceilings. Any ideas why? It’s really starting to get to me now!

You’re hopefully


Did you enable Depthtesting? Since you haven’t made any changes to the engine (at least you didn’t write that) and I don’t know anything about glut (maybe it enables depth testing by default) I would assume that you have to enable depth testing with glEnable( GL_DETPH_TEST ). However, you will probably already be doing that…

Maybe you didn’t reserve enough bits for the depth buffer. Try 24 bits depth buffer.

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hello again

thanks for the input.

Michael: yes, I do have depth testing enabled :slight_smile:

softland_gh: I upped the number of bits in the depth buffer from 16, to 24… to 32, with no effect :frowning:

Any other ideas at all?


james (perplexed)

Well, are they constantly before the walls are do they flicker in some way?

Might want to double check the nearZ and farZ. If the nearZ is zero, you could get this behavior.

Why have always you these good ideas?


the walls don’t flicker at all, aside from the occasional transparency, the world works beautifully, I was really pleased with myself :wink:

I am building areas into display lists, and it appears that the quads are displayed in the order they are entered into the list, reguardless of depth. This is where I show how naive I am: But is this because the depth test can’t happen once an image has been compiled into a list? - I hope not.

As for the nearZ and farZ, I’ll check when I get home from work this evening.

thanks for your ongoing help folks.


DFrey: spot on, NearZ was set to 0.0, I changed it to 0.01, and all is now well. I take it there is a divide by zero error somewhere along the line?

Anyway, thank you very much. I am now a happy man

See you all soon waves

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