Win2K AGP limitation ?

This is not directly coding related … but maybe anyone has a solution.
It seems that the AGP texture memory in Win2K is limited to 32mb.
I tested this with a G400, a TNT2, a GeForce1 and a RadeON. Same result.
Even if i set the aperture to 256Mb, i never get more than 32 MB of agp mem. The NVidia AGP utility, Powerstrip and Sandra 2001 all report 32 MB.
BTW, i have 320 MB of system memory.
And in Windows ME, i have 128 MB of AGP memory with the same configuration.
Does someone experience the same problem ?
Some comments/solutions ?

Yes, Microsoft and Intel have managed to screw up AGP pretty thoroughly.

AGP memory isn’t in any way guaranteed to be larger than video memory. Some day you might have a 256MB video card but only 10MB of AGP memory.

(Yes, some systems have far less than 32MB of AGP memory.)

  • Matt

Yeah ! Another great feature !

Is this chipset/motherboards related ?
Or can we hope to have this fixed in the next service pack ?