Win2000 problems

I´ve installed Windows 2000 Professional, but now I´m encountering several problems with my OpenGL program which worked great under 98.
The strange thing about it is, that the compiled version, which i compiled in Win98 runs perfectly on my 2000-machine. So it is not a driver/graphics-problem.
MS VC++6 (or Win2000) tells me that the program couldn´t be correctly initialized and that an access-violation in NTDLL.dll occured…
So the program doesn´t really start running at all.
How can I fix it?? Please help!


I can’t tell you how to fix this problem but I have Windows2k too and I had some little problems when I ran programs I programmed with Win98.
The problem ( it is in fact an advantage ) is that Win2k is much ‘stricter’ concerning access violations. While Win98 is not so strict, you can have access violations without even knowing that. Often Win98 doesn’t warn you. I had the same problem when I coded a little app on Win98 and everything ran perfectly until I ran it for the first time on Win2k. Then I realized that the app had many memory leaks.

I don’t know if this the problem but at least I hink so. If you allocate some vars dynamically (with new/malloc()), check whether they are deleted correctly. But there are so many possibilities; it would be better to take a look at the code oneself…