Win2000: OpenGL crashes after NVidia drivers updated - need help!

Hello all. I had an old driver for my NVidia Riva TNT2, with Windows 2000 professional. Since dxdiag showed that Direct3D and AGP options were disabled, I installed brand new drivers from NVidia’s website.

As a result, all the examples from the OpenGL tutorial that I had downloaded from NeHe ( suddenly stopped working. I get “unknown software exception” 0xc0000090 twice, and then 0xc0000027. (The .exe files were compiled in Borland C++ Builder 6.0).

Also, my own Builder codes stopped working, I have an “Invalid floating point operation” inside the function wglMakeCurrent(hdc, hrc). Both arguments are not NULL at that moment, moreover the function crashes without returning any value. I don’t have other OpenGL programs running at the same time, so I guess there are no conflicts. Also, the standard Windows OpenGL screensaver is working.

Here are my drivers (I use Windows 2000 professional, Russian):

nvoglnt.dll, version from 24.03.2004
opengl32.dll, 5.0.2195.2676, 21.06.2001
nv4.dll, 5.0.2160.327, 16.03.2000
nv4-disp.dll,, 24.03.2004

Does anyone know how to deal with this problem? How should I alter my C++/OpenGL code, or what files should I update/install to get back to normal?

hdc = GetDC(Handle);
hrc = wglCreateContext(hdc);
if(hrc == NULL)
  ShowMessage(":-)~ hrc == NULL");
if(wglMakeCurrent(hdc, hrc) == false)    //here's where all crashes...
  ShowMessage("Could not MakeCurrent");

Your driver are screwed-up. As I can see you have some mixture of 3 different driver version.

Uninstall all nv drivers, delete display adapter from Device Menager, reboot system and instal fresh driver.

You can try to use Driver Cleaner software ( to remove all driver pieces from system.


It seems that I have located the source. Whenever I set PFD_TYPE_RGBA in the PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR structure, it doesn’t work. When I use PFD_TYPE_COLORINDEX, everything’s fine.

[added later:]
It seems I finally found the reason. When I installed new drivers, my monitor properties were changed to High Color (16 bits). When I changed the setting to True Color (32 bits), RGBA_MODE started to work again.

In driver setup pages click on your card name and take a look to listbox. All versions MUST be a same.
If some of this files are different versions you may expact weird problems.

On my machine I can run RGBA mode even with 16bpp desktop.

I have GF4Ti-4800SE


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