Wildcat VP extensions

I have read the specs and reviews of the just-released Wildcat VP: I was impressed by the potential flexibility of the pipeline more than by the benchmarks. My question is: has anyone seen the corresponding OpenGL extensions? Whithout dedicated extensions, there is no way to access the interesting part of this hardware (except OpenGL 2.0)…
PS:anything new about the possible release dates of next generation ATI and nVidia products?

is it true that the VP card supports opengl 2.0?

Yes it is, 3Dlabs claims it supports prototype OpenGL 2.0 implementations, and a beta driver is included. But I guess this is not what they call “pure OpenGL 2.0”.
I have just read that the GL2 extensions, designed to ease the transition from OpenGL to Opengl 2.0 were supposed to be submitted to the ARB in June. Anything new about this ARB meeting?

Apparently JC is gonna support a GL2 code path in Doom3, after testing a P10 card and initial impressions were good.