wierd scaling problems with textures

hi. i have this wierd problem in opengl. i have this box that i apply a texture to, but the texture comes out stretched up and down. in otherwords, the bottom of the face isn’t the bottom of the texture. i have some 3rd party code that loads a .3ds file of the cube, and before using glTexCoord i check and the texture coords are correct. however, the texture still comes out stretched. when i use glGet with current_texture_coords the values are different than what i put in. i get values like -187463800 something that would expect to see in printf(“%d”) if the number was a float, however i am sure that the numbers i am putting in are the correct type. could you please help me? if you want the project (msvc++6) get it at www.geocities.com/cplusplusproject/
download stolen.zip (stolen is the name of the game) thank you!

If the number is a float, you should print it as “%f”.

i know, im using the right % symbol to print out the values, but even if glGet with tex coords returns a float and i use %f, it comes out wierd, like -1029384858 you would get something like that if you tried to print a float with %d (which i am not doing). i know about floats and stuff im just trying to fix the texture stretching.