Wierd Diffuse Light with Vertex Shader

My vertex shader code for simple diffuse light is the following:

vfconn OUT;
OUT.HPos = mul(ModelViewProj, IN.position);
OUT.Col0=IN.position*saturate( dot(IN.norm, normalize(litepos-IN.position)) );
return OUT;

And the results:

The radius of the lit area both increases with increasing x,y or z (a plane object on the x/y plane is lit)

I checked my vertices, normals and light position to be correct. Any idea whats wrong?

thank you in advance!

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Why are you multiplying the IN.position with the dot product of the normal and surface to light vector?

i wanted to see if the vertex coordinates are valid, and to see the orientation of the coordinates (so i know that the transformations are right).
btw i found the problem, my nomrlas were set up improperly.
thanx anyway